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Frozen Chilean Sea Bass 4-5 oz portion - Skinless

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Wild-caught Chilean Sea bass is abundantly rich in flavor. Moist, tender, sweet, and flaky, this premium fish offers a firm texture akin to cod. Whether prepared simply to let its natural qualities shine or infused with a miso marinade, Annasea Chilean Sea Bass promises a luxurious, buttery smoothness that transforms each bite.

Frozen, sold individually packed in 4-5 oz packages. Sizes may vary.  This product is SKIN OFF. Keep frozen until use, do not refreeze. This product is not a fillet cut: portions are 4-5 oz each with skin OFF and may be irregular in size as this is a wild product and not uniform portions. 

Overnight thaw: carefully puncture the vacuum pack and thaw in the refrigerator overnight on a plate for 8-10 hours.  Bake, grill, or sauté from a thawed state. Cook to an internal temperature of 145 F.

Country of origin: Chile

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