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Frozen Wild Sockeye Portion - 6 oz Portion

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Annasea's Wild Sockeye Salmon is a culinary gem known for its vibrant color, rich flavor, and exceptional quality. Sockeye salmon boasts a rich flavor profile, firm texture, and high Omega-3. With its signature reddish hue, Annasea Wild Sockeye Salmon is versatile - bake, grill, poach, broil, fry, or smoked. 

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA. These fatty acids have been associated with reducing inflammation, improving cholesterol levels, and supporting overall cardiovascular well-being.

The high-quality protein content in Wild Sockeye Salmon is beneficial for muscle development, repair, and weight management.  Sockeye is a rich source of essential nutrients such as vitamin D, which plays a crucial role in bone health and immune system function.

Price per unit, with a variation of .5 oz per package.

Overnight thaw: carefully puncture vacuum pack and thaw in the refrigerator overnight on a plate for 8-10 hours. Keep frozen, do not refreeze. Cook to an internal temperature of 145 F.

Stock image. Actual product color will vary due to wild salmon's natural diet.

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