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Dinner for Four Bundle

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After a long day or week, simplicity is key. Unwind with our easy-to-prep meal that caters to everyone's taste.

Just thaw, mix, and serve with our convenient poke kits. For a hassle-free main course, thaw the salmon portions and pan-sear or broil them to perfection. Whether you add them to a crisp salad, a flavorful side dish, or a bed of rice, simplicity meets deliciousness in every bite. Enjoy the ease and satisfaction of this straightforward and delightful meal. 

Bundle contains:

  • 10 oz. Wasabi Ahi Tuna Poke Kit
  • 10 oz. Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke Kit
  • 10 oz. Sriracha Salmon Poke Kit
  • 2-6 oz. Atlantic Salmon portions

Ships Frozen

Each 10 oz kit serves two

Thaws overnight or in a bowl of cold water for 20-30 minutes or overnight in the refrigerator. 

 Wild Caught. Sustainably Sourced - Responsibly Caught. Tuna Caught in The Philippines. Poke sauce Made in the USA.

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