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Frozen Wild King Salmon Portion - 6 oz Portion

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Indulge in the rich taste and delicate texture of Annasea Wild King Salmon portions - perfect for pan searing, grilling, baking, and poaching. 

Renowned for its omega-3 fatty acid content, particularly EPA and DHA, wild King salmon is a nutritional powerhouse that supports cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation, improving cholesterol levels, and maintaining optimal blood pressure. Consuming wild salmon is associated with cognitive benefits, potentially reducing the risk of cognitive decline and supporting brain health. The natural astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant found in king salmon, not only enhances its vibrant color but also offers skin-protective properties.

 Price per unit, with a variation of .5 oz per package

Overnight thaw: carefully puncture the vacuum pack and thaw in the refrigerator overnight on a plate for 8-10 hours. Keep frozen, do not refreeze.

Ships Frozen

Wild product - color may vary depending on diet.

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