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Frozen Atlantic Salmon - 6 oz Portion

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Annasea Atlantic Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, known for their cardiovascular benefits, including reducing inflammation and supporting cholesterol levels.

Each frozen portion (fish with skin on) provides a high-quality protein source, crucial for muscle development and repair. Bursting with essential nutrients such as vitamin D, B vitamins, and selenium, Annasea's Atlantic Salmon contributes to overall well-being, bone health, and immune system support. 

Indulge in Annasea's frozen Atlantic Salmon portion—perfect for grilling, baking, or infusing into your favorite recipes.  

Annasea 6 oz. Atlantic Salmon SKIN ON portion is versatile  - ready to be grilled, baked, poached, fried, broiled, or smoked.

* Farmed Product

Ships Frozen

Overnight thaw: carefully puncture the vacuum pack and thaw in the refrigerator overnight on a plate for 8-10 hours. Keep frozen, do not refreeze. Cook to an internal cooking temperature of 145 F/.

Price per unit, with a variation of .5 oz per package.

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